Why training is needed ?

//Why training is needed ?


Companies spend a lot of money on training their employees.T hey allocate considerable amounts in their budgets for training purposes. Some companies are so keen on doing training that they prepare a training schedule for their employees.  The definition of training is that it is the teaching of a particular skill or a particular behavior. They also make sure that the training budget is the part of their overall budget.  Obviously, such companies would not spend so much money unless they get something in exchange. Effective training is supposed to generate payback.

And yes they do. Some of the benefits that training provides are :

Improving employees performance.

Training helps develops employee potential. Trained employees help generate good results.

Training makes employees less dependent on others.

Training Creates ownership and Responsibility.

Training helps employees do their jobs faster and better.

Training helps reduce errors.

Training Creates or increases job satisfaction.

Training helps improve Job performance.

Training helps build employee motivation and increase employee self-confidence among employees.

Trained employees help improve company performance and increase the company revenue.

Training reduces employee attrition,

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