We at online survey have the following recruitment process‏.  Recruitment is a process.We endeavor to get you the best employees who meet your requirements. Our processes are fast, effective and ensure that we get the best-talented people that meet your needs. If you need manpower, give us a try ‏

Here we have 7 important steps for the selection process that will allow us to be as successful as possible in our hiring efforts!

1- Job posting

Word of mouth is an effective way to communicate the benefits of your company and its culture, but it is not the most appropriate way to find a good candidate.

After having done the job description, post it on the right media Think where to post your advert think of locations, professional orders, written announcement boards, universities, newspapers, SEO on your website, etc. The possibilities are endless!

2- Analyze the resumes

The first step is the analysis of a resume. In addition to identifying candidates who have the needed/demanded professional experience, your analysis will allow you to identify the workers who the knowledge and the proper schooling and experience >

Take the time to read every CV and keep the interesting applications at your fingertips. You may find a certain CV to be better suited for a future job posting.

3- Do the Telephone interview:

Take the time to question your candidate by asking some general questions (related to their availability, desired (money paid for working), etc.).

Make the best use of this step to make to make sure that you are hiring your right candidate.

4- Testing for effective recruiting

have your candidate complete tests which could be ability test, psychometric or other required tests. Don’t get really upset with the “psycho” prefix…Tests help you explore employee ability, orientation, and interests. They also show employee strengths and weaknesses.

The information will rather identify parts of their personality that will affect their overall performance, and with which your candidates will be more comfortable.

elements to work on or monitor in your next steps. Think beyond the upcoming interview; if the candidate is selected, this tool will be as valid in a big picture of organizational development and will go with him/her in their new challenges within your organization.

By comparing the (related to mind testing) tests/evaluations to job standards, your chances of success are (increased).

5- The interview:

After gathering the needed/demanded information about your candidate, having information on his /her personality, and having confirmed their desire for the position, a meeting is needed/demanded!

And be sure not to key interview mistakes.

6- The second interview:

To confirm the candidates’ skills, a second interview is sometimes appropriate, whether for a technical position, for an interview with one of your partners, or a supervisor.

Make sure to review the information and answers gathered during previous steps; they will probably be useful in this second meeting!

7- Checking references: another check-up

Remember that hiring mistakes can lead to fairly high costs! So take time to complete this reference check stage.

Validate the references gave/given; previous jobs, school, and learning, training, etc. make sure there are no criminal records.

Obviously, depending on the position, there are steps you might want to give up/forget about (example: the second interview). Ask yourself which stages are extremely important to meet your needs. The important thing is to try to learn as much as possible about the candidate, while still meeting expected deadlines.

But please, do not set the personality test/evaluation aside, because it most certainly will benefit yourself, the candidate, the team he/she will join, and the organization as a whole!

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