General Information on Surveys

//General Information on Surveys

General info about surveys


Surveys are a good tool when dealing with business problems.

Some of these business problems could be external or internal.

Some of the external business problems are problems like the drop in sales or problems with customers and suppliers.

Some of the internal problems are, for example, to find what your employees think about working in your organization.

The survey process is divided into three stages: designing the questionnaire

Sending out the questionnaire to the concerned people

Collecting the survey feedback and analyzing it.

With the help of the internet and computers, the whole survey can be completed in a short period of time.

There are many survey dashboards which you can use or you can get ideas from.T hey are:

Survey monkey, survey junkie, Google survey,, and www home depot com survey.

It is important that your survey reaches the right people and it is also important to maintain confidentiality.

After you collect results and you tabulate your findings and putting all the data in the presentable form you can forward this report to your client.

A summary of survey findings needs to be made, upon which the client must take appropriate actions.

Some companies do ask people to come and do a survey for money which some people would call paid surveys.


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