Effective Recruitment

//Effective Recruitment

Effective Recruitment

Effective Recruitment is an important function for every organization.

You would find a recruiter working in almost in every organization. For example, in the army, you would find the jobs of army recruiter, air force recruiter and navy recruiter. Also in sports we have for example positions like Michigan football recruiting, Ohio State football recruiting, Michigan football recruiting and basketball recruiting.

Recruitment is a process composed of many steps.

Recruitment is a twelve step process.

Each step follows a previous step and all the steps complement each other.

The first step is to make sure you have an up-to-date job description.

The second step is to make sure that you have the candidate specification in terms of qualification, experience, skills and the required personality characteristics.

The third step is to choose the right method of recruiting whether it is the word of mouth or recruiting from your internal sources or advertising through a website or a newspaper. Each choice is governed by the job circumstances .

The fourth step is after you advertise; you need to use the right shortlisting method where you aim to make sure that you select only those who meet the job requirements.

The fifth step is to call the shortlisted candidates to see how they sound and to get a kind of the First Impression.

The sixth step is to conduct psychometric or personality test to see if the personality characteristics suit  the job requirements

The 7th step is to conduct a reference check on personal character, qualification, and experience to make sure that the information the candidate has given is correct.

The 8th step is to conduct first general face to face interview where the purpose of this interview is to verify all information and to get the missing one and also to answer the candidate information and to conduct any additional test if required.

The 9th step is to conduct a departmental interview by the line Manager or his deputy where the purpose is to check the Technical skills and to assess the candidate suitability for the job and the departmental work environment.

If the candidate is successful, it is essential that the candidate undergoes a medical exam to assess his/her physical fitness for employment.

The 10th step is if the candidate has completed successfully his/her medical exam, the next step is to make the job offer in the light of the compensation level allocated for this job .

The 11th step is once the candidate has accepted the job offer and joined the organization s/he has to enroll in the induction program to get a deeper feel and knowledge of the organization.

The 12th step is to monitor the employee during his probationary period to ensure that his or her performance and behavior is in line with the organizational standards.




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