RECRUITMENT   at  ONLINE SURVEY We at online survey have the following recruitment process‏.  Recruitment is a process.We endeavor to get you the best employees who meet your requirements. Our processes are fast, effective and ensure that we get the best-talented people that meet your needs. If you need manpower, give us a try ‏ Here we have 7 important steps for the selection process that will allow us to be as successful as possible in our hiring efforts! 1- Job posting Word of mouth

Effective Recruitment

Effective Recruitment Effective Recruitment is an important function for every organization. You would find a recruiter working in almost in every organization. For example, in the army, you would find the jobs of army recruiter, air force recruiter and navy recruiter. Also in sports we have for example positions like Michigan football recruiting, Ohio State football recruiting, Michigan football recruiting and basketball recruiting. Recruitment is a process composed of many steps. Recruitment is a twelve step process. Each step follows a previous step and

Training Improves Employee Performance

Training improves performance Employees who receive necessary training are able to perform their job in an efficient Manner. Training also helps build employee confidence as post-training they develop A stronger understanding of the industry and the responsibilities of their job. This confidence May push them to perform even better and think of new ideas which will help them gain a Competitive edge over others. Training also keeps your employees on the cutting edge of Industry developments. Employees who are competent help the company prospers. Training reduces dependency. Many

Why training is important?

Does your training end with your Employee Induction Program? Its time you woke up! As the world progresses, it has become imperative that as businesses, we progress with it. Change is the only constant and by welcoming this change, companies should take that step towards understanding what training represents. Theoretically, training means expanding the knowledge and the skill base of individuals. But it is the volume beneath the surface that a business should be aware of. Training is like riding a train and you

Why training is needed ?

  Companies spend a lot of money on training their employees.T hey allocate considerable amounts in their budgets for training purposes. Some companies are so keen on doing training that they prepare a training schedule for their employees.  The definition of training is that it is the teaching of a particular skill or a particular behavior. They also make sure that the training budget is the part of their overall budget.  Obviously, such companies would not spend so much money unless they get something in exchange. Effective

Survey Stages

  Survey Steps Design Survey This is the first step where you design your survey and customize the look and feel of your survey. Send Survey After you finish designing your survey, the next step is to distribute your survey to people. You can send the survey link or an email invitation to the survey participants Collecting Responses after which you can start survey analysis Carefully study Results Once your people who responded start submitting their responses, survey responses are recorded directly and survey analysis will lead you

Why do we need HR audit Reports?

    HR audit can be defined as is a comprehensive method (or means) to review current human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function as well as to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. Regardless of your business size and type, HR audits are needed to evaluate the performance and progress of your HR department. Audits do not only serve to help identify the underlying human resource issues, that will potentially disrupt your business,

General Information on Surveys

General info about surveys   Surveys are a good tool when dealing with business problems. Some of these business problems could be external or internal. Some of the external business problems are problems like the drop in sales or problems with customers and suppliers. Some of the internal problems are, for example, to find what your employees think about working in your organization. The survey process is divided into three stages: designing the questionnaire Sending out the questionnaire to the concerned people Collecting the survey feedback and analyzing

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Creating Customer Service Survey

The customer service survey is a tool to help businesses see how customers feel about their products and services. The businesses need this survey service in order to see where their strength and shortcomings are when it comes to customer service. The way to do customer service survey is to prepare customer service survey questions from the answers of which business will understand where they stand when it comes to their customer’s perception of their products or services. Sometimes people are confused