Other Services

In addition to providing survey services, we do offer the following additional professional services:


Assessment definition is simply finding the skills the person has .When we assess people we are trying to identify the skills they have.

There many assessment tools such as the disc assessment .

When you are assessed, you have shown the skills and the competencies you have.

Here we provide personality and skills assessment which will help you in your recruitment, training and career development .We can also assess what competencies your staff has at present and what competencies they need to develop in order to help them achieve better performance and get better results

HR Audit

HR audit definition is where we will examine how your HR department is compliant with internal policies, local laws &regulations and how compliant your HR practices with the international best HR practices. We can also do company policy manual.


We provide soft skills and other Training that will help your staff perform better. Our training courses will help you achieve your training and development plan. We use effective training methods.

Our training program help your staff learn new tools .Our training courses cover wide training topics.

At the end of each training course we offer training certificates.

For us the training definition is the teaching of skills to those who receive the training

Our training of employees is provided in English and in Arabic

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